Three Best Ways to Save Money during Your Holiday in Bali

Three Best Ways to Save Money during Your Holiday in Bali

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Bali is a super cost friendly destination for Australian tourists as well as other tourists and therefore easy to visit. Use the following tips and save money during your holiday to the world best tourist destination center.

1. Always eat locally
During your visit to Bali, you will obviously be tempted to purchase western food foods from fancy restaurants, hotels & villas but if you have to save money, eat where the locals do. The food sold in these excellent dining restaurants is only meant for tourists and tourists are expected to afford. Be quite smart and search for local restaurants that offer high-quality local foods such as grilled fish, seafood, etc. Also, try the local beer such as Bintang which is quite cheap. The local food and drinks will not only help you save money but also experience new flavors as part of your visit to Bali.

2. Never give up on finding a cheap accommodation
Budget hotels and Couchsurfing are the two cheap accommodation options during your holiday to Bali. In case you follow everyone’s path on your arrival, you will end up to luxury villas where you will pay high prices for your accommodation. The best way to get the cheapest accommodation is to find it yourself or book online through hostelworld but ensure you go through the comments and feedbacks before booking.

Bali people are also hospitable and are willing to accommodate tourists overnight and offer nice foods. Try Couchsurfing in Bali and am sure you will save good money but please find a host at least five days before your arrival to find an appropriate person. Private family friendly villas can also be found for as low as $11 a night.

3. Rent a scooter and avoid guided tours
The central tourist destination areas in Bali are the most expensive. To save money, stay a few kilometers from the busy city which acts as the hotspot of these expensive tourist areas. If you feel like visiting the city, rent a scooter for only $4.50 per day and tour all the beaten paths. Remember, petrol is also cheap and goes for just $0.75.The scooters are readily available at local shops or hostels. The scooters are also healthy and Eco-friendly but check your travel insurance to ensure you are covered before you scoot off.

With the scooter you will easily visit Besakih temple, Tanah Lot, etc. in the absence of a tour guide.

During your visit to all these areas and you intend to purchase an item, please don’t pay the initial price. The first rate is always three or four times higher than the price the locals pay, don’t be shy to bargain.

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