Visit Sistine Chapel – It Has Plenty to See and Get Immersed Into Its Beauty

Visit Sistine Chapel – It Has Plenty to See and Get Immersed Into Its Beauty

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Visiting the Vatican Museums is an unforgettable experience. It is a must see sightseeing place for visitors to Rome. In fact, culminating with the Sistine Chapel implies it is a show stopper to finalize any visit to the Vatican Museums.

Things to know importantly

The waiting times and queues to access the Vatican Museums are well-known and the Vatican Museums for your information is not open every day. this is the reason the Vatican Museums visit should be done using skip the line access or consider the fast track tickets, so that you visit peacefully the museum in less busy times and need not waste time queuing in front of the Vatican Museums.

Mostly visitors arriving here for the first time combine their visit to the Vatican Museums to visit the St. Peters Basilica. They cover both in a day. You can reduce the stress by maximizing the enjoyment and to expect a huge advantage. The Vatican Museums are adjacent to the famous St Peter’s Square and Basilica that the visitors like to combine both in a day of sightseeing. However, the independently minded visitor can arrive to the Vatican taking any Rome public bus, tram, metro or also hop-on and off for sightseeing buses.

The Vatican Museum is open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, (final entry at 4pm). Once you enter the Vatican Museum paying a fee, you can easily enter the St. Peters Basilica. Visiting the Vatican Museum means you can at the end visit Sistine Chapel and from there you can enter St. Peters Basilica without taking another line.

The Sistine Chapel

Inside the Sistine Chapel there is a balcony to the left facing the entrance and it is the choir gallery. Pope Sixtus IV required a chapel to offer domestic services and he placed an order to architect Giovanni dei Dolci to build one in 1473 and this building was completed in 1481.

The Sistine Chapel is even today used by the Pope for official ceremonies. After the demise of the pope, the Roman Catholic cardinals gathered in the chapel to elect a successor. Today, the same building is an integral of the museums of the Vatican.

The chapel is in rectangular shape built using ordinary bricks. Externally there are no spectacular points. It is a barrel-shaped roof, but inside it is divided into 2 using a transenna- a fence in marble. This is the part accessible to priests as it is the altar.

The long two walls feature arched 6 windows, while the walls have virtual rings decorations. the floor level tapestry is designed by Raphael, while in the middle there is frescoes revealing scenes from the Moses and Jesus lives and the top row that is between the windows reveals the popes images. Actually the Moses and Jesus display was a mere coincident revealing the new and old Jesus teachings and Moses laws.

The wall and the ceiling paintings are considered as the peak of Renaissance art. Thus, all the praise goes to Michelangelo’s ceiling and Last Judgment behind the altar wall.

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