Some Great Reasons to Holiday in the Peak District

Some Great Reasons to Holiday in the Peak District

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The peak district, which is mainly sprawled across Northern Derbyshire is a stunning natural park, it covers a substantial volume of land and runs into areas such as Cheshire, Yorkshire and Staffordshire. It is perfect for city dwellers because of its proximity to major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield. There are plenty of things to do in the park, so let’s look at why you should consider a trip to the Peak District.

Beautiful Accommodation

There are some spectacular Derbyshire country cottages to hire for both long term and short term stays in the peak district. They are elegantly furnished and provide perfect living quarters for all kinds of travellers, they come fully equipped so you don’t have to worry about bringing any cooking utensils. You simply bring along as much food as you need to last you for your stay. If you aren’t keen on cooking your own meals, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants nearby that serve delicious, mouth-watering food.

  • Pet Friendly

A selection of cottages in the peak district are also pet friendly, they allow travellers to bring their pets along on vacation without any issues. If you can’t find a pet sitter or you simply can’t live without your pet for a day, you can bring them along without any fuss. There are some beautiful walking trails that you and your dog will enjoy, you can cover mountain tracks and breathtaking valleys as your pet leaps in and out of the many rivers throughout the park. The vast majority of cottages welcome pets, so you and your kids won’t feel guilty leaving the family pet with a sitter.

Horse Riding

If you are a keen horse rider, you’ll love the scenery in the peak district. It is perfect for going on riding trips with friends or family and anyone can get involved. There are various off-road trails which are designated for horse riding and all levels of riders can enjoy them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner, everyone can explore the wonders of the peak district on horseback. There are companies situated in the park who can guide you along the trails if you don’t feel comfortable with self-guided tours.

Cycling & Walking Trips

The peak district is a combination of fascinating history, stunning scenery, incredible wildlife, and fantastic trails. It is an exquisite natural park, which offers everything for both keen cyclists and enthusiastic walkers.

  • Cyclists – There are several designated trails and trips which are designed for a range of levels, from absolute beginners to experienced riders.
  • Walkers – There are numerous national trails set out for walking trips, they include trails for beginners right the way through to people who enjoy challenging treks.

The peak district offers everything you could need in a countryside holiday in the UK, from stunning views and scenery, to beautiful wildlife and idyllic cottage accommodation. There is a wide range of activities in the park so you won’t get bored easily, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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