Experience the Ancient and Modern Glory of Greece with a Wonderful Walking Tour

Experience the Ancient and Modern Glory of Greece with a Wonderful Walking Tour

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Few civilisations have contributed more to humanity as a whole than Greece. The literary, philosophical, political, artistic, and overall cultural achievements of Greece, from its Golden Age in Antiquity throughout its long and storied history to present-day, have helped shape the course of not just Western Civilisation, but humanity as a whole. We all benefit from the astounding insight of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. We are all enriched by the plays of Sophocles and Aeschylus, the poetry of Homer and Sappho, and the enduring beauty of the Parthenon. We are all indebted to the development of democracy which took place in Athens’ Golden Age.

And you can experience all that and more like never before when booking walking in Greece holidays!

Experience Greece’s Glory First-Hand

One of the biggest benefits of walking holidays is the fact that they allow for more mobility than might otherwise be allowed. When you’re in a foreign country, you want the chance to stretch your legs, indulge your adventurous spirit, and explore a little bit. For as quick as auto tours can be, they simply don’t allow you the same degree of freedom, instead quickly shuttling you from one site to the next at a predetermined speed and time. What’s more, these types of tours don’t allow you to experience the raw history and majesty of their locales in the same way as walking tours. When you take your own personal odyssey through Greece, you want to stop and take in the full weight and meaningfulness of the moment. Those ruined forums and ancient theatres? They’re where some of Western Civilisation’s greatest works were first performed, and where the world’s first attempts at democracy flourished. Those Aegean shores and coastline? Those are where some of the most formative battles in antiquity were waged, and where works such as Homer’s Odyssey were partially set and inspired.

A walking tour allows you to experience all of that and so much more in a freer, more uninhibited manner than ever before.

Discover Modern Greece

Of course, there’s more to modern Greece than just the old sites. Indeed, one of the biggest drawbacks of auto tours is that they can sometimes just stick to the old tourist favourites. With a walking tour, you’ll have the opportunity to discover what makes modern Greece one of the most dazzling gems in today’s Mediterranean world. You’ll have the chance to walk past plazas and shops, and take in the sights and sounds of modern life in Greece. Of course, all that walking is bound to leave you with an appetite, which is why you’ll want to stop at some of the best-recommended modern Greek restaurants on the path.

Experience the glories of Greece like never before with a wonderful walking tour of the area today!

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