Exotic Indonesia Holidays: All You Need To Know About Yogyakarta

Exotic Indonesia Holidays: All You Need To Know About Yogyakarta

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Indonesia is one country in Asia that can be termed as the most diverse with lots of great tourist destinations in the world. A nation filled with glamorous beaches, amazing volcanoes, breathtaking views, and beautiful wildlife. Wait, did we forget to mention their exquisite food?

Have you ever dreamed of meeting a Komodo dragon face to face? What about have the first-hand view of blue lava erupting from an active volcano? How about visiting the largest Buddhist temple in the world? Maybe you love the thrilling underwater snorkeling and excellent beach life. Well, all of these and so much more can be found in Indonesia especially if you take the Indonesia Holiday Package. With a great selection of exotic tours, there is more than just what meets the eye.

Exploring Yogyakarta

Why is everyone much interested in Yogyakarta? Why is it so special? Why should you visit this fantastic place in the Indonesian nation? Well, let us take a brief dive into its history, culture, and most importantly, what makes it the center of tourist attractions.

Yogyakarta is one of the thirty-two provinces in the great nation of Indonesia. It was one of the first cultural centers of Java. Its location is at the root of the active Merapi volcano. During the 16th and 17th century, this province was the headquarters of the mighty Javanese empire whose traditions were inherited by Yogyakarta to this present day. You wouldn’t fail to be amazed by the city’s special charm during your visit or vacation.

Yogyakarta is Indonesia’s most densely populated province. It came into existence in 1755, when Mataram divided into the Surakarta and Sultanates of Yogyakarta. You would be amazed by its culture – Gamelan classical and contemporary dances, the Wayang kulit, and a variety of traditional art – will keep you amazed. Various local artisans have intensive skills in leather, silver, and batiks. Contemporary art is deeply ingrained in the city’s culture oriented society.

Yogyakarta is usually referred to as the primary gateway to Central Java. It spans a long stretch from the Indian ocean to Mount Merapi. The transport system is quite efficient, and you would not worry about your traveling needs. There are frequent air travel services from and to Jarkata, Bali, and Surabaya. There is also a regular train service and accessible road network. Yogyakarta is the modern cultural point of Central Java. Their traditional dances and music is a thing of beauty no any other place has.

You will find more than just culture in Yogyakarta. It is vibrant and full of places to conduct your shopping. The Malioboro street is famous for its street food culture, vendors, tourist shops and cheap hotels. The Sultan’s Palace popularly known as Kraton is the major attraction of Yogyakarta. This vast complex was build in the 18th century and represents Yogya’s traditions.

This is just a summary of the beautiful city. If you want to get the best out of Indonesia, then you need to explore different parts of the nation. You will be able to stay in separate accommodations, undertake new activities, and meet new people. Sometimes planning for your vacation is difficult and time-consuming. Thus you need to find a reliable trip planner like The Seven Holiday experts who specialize in tailor-made vacations to Indonesia.

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